Friday, August 18, 2017

How Am I Supposed to Reach the Mountain Top From Here?

Colorado is amazing!

Each time I visit, I can't seem to stop staring at the mountains. They really are majestic.

I'm especially impressed with the height of the Rockies. I'm sorry but the Appalachians can't hold a candle to these monster monoliths.

What was interesting however was how incredibly low I felt when looking up to the top of these masterpieces. The taller the mountain, the deeper the valley seemed.

I couldn't help but notice the parallel with our spiritual journey.

The taller and more impossibly out-of-reach the mountain top was, the deeper the valley seemed.

I've often faced a great blessing from God. Many times he's brought me to the foot of some incredible breakthrough. I look up and see what he's prepared for me and my heart leaps.

Then I look where I'm standing. In the valley. And the realization of the journey discourages me.

A little voice says "It's too far...too hard...why bother?"

But it's those sweat-producing, upward hikes that develop my character--my fortitude. Scripture encourages me to look up toward the sky and see what blessings I have waiting.

Actor, Will Smith says God's greatest blessings are on the other side of the things that scare us most.

In addition to my spiritual growth, the Rocky Mountains also remind me of parenting. I see what God has promised for my family if I lead them like I should.

But then I look around at my circumstances. I see things like my inabilities and short-comings as a dad. I see things like my kid's rebellious attitude or disobedience...or my own for that matter. Things like my lack of money to fund their school hobbies, their college, their wedding.

I start believing there is no way I'm going to be able to experience that mountain top blessing--not here. Not like this. It's too far away. It's unreachable.

I forget who gave me that mountain top to begin with. God placed it there as a promise. To give me vision, motivation, and the "stick-to-it-iveness" to keep climbing,



Yes, we have valleys. Those make us strong. Without them, we would never build the muscle and stamina to experience a mountain top.

I just need to persevere.

We will experience that blessing God's promised, that vision, that dream he's given us. We gotta slip on those boots and grab that hiking stick and keep climbing.

When we get there--once we're on top of the world, I must remember the valleys and make an altar of remembrance there for all he's done for me.  How about you? When is it hardest to see the top of your mountain?