Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We're Moving

You may or may not have heard I am moving to Colorado Springs with my family.

The Lord has opened doors for us to leave Florida and so we are looking for a place to live out west.

I'm very excited about finding new writer friends who love Jesus but we are sad to say goodbye to many friends and some family in FL.

I'm confident God is up to something in regards to my writing career but I have no idea what that looks like now. It's an adventure of discovery.

We plan to be moved by September if all goes well. More info later.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independent Dependant

Today we celebrate Independence Day. Our freedom from England.

Last week I helped my 13-year old celebrate freedom by allowing her to walk home half a mile from the grocery store alone...for the first time.

Am I a little behind with that? Is 13 years old too long to be just now be allowing her to walk around alone in a city that has a high crime rate?

I actually walked with her the first time. I showed her all the places she should run along the path, to escape a kidnapper. I showed her which houses might be the safest just by looking at the outside of the home. (I know, you can't judge a book by it's cover, but you can tell a lot about someone by the outside of their house).

I advised her how to defend herself. And not to stick around long enough to use a defense because the best thing is to run away before an attacker can get close.

Then I let her walk home alone, without me. With her phone. She did fine. No one drugged her up and smuggled her to Cambodia to be a sex slave. At least not this week.

So what do you think? Am I too protective? Should I be more of a free-range parent? Am I making her paranoid? Will she go off to college not knowing how to handle her new-found freedom? My niece believes in having free-range kids and her kids are fine. Maybe I can learn something from her.

But I was a free range kid too...but it didn't go too well for me. Maybe that's why I'm unnecessarily cautious.

I have 4 kids....not one of them came with a manual. Does anyone have an extra manual they can send me?

Happy Fourth of July! Now I gotta go check on the kids.