Saturday, June 3, 2017

Terrified I Might Be Throwing my Daughters to the Wolves

I just have to put this out there rather than carrying this burden in my head.

I'm afraid to put my girls in public school. 

Each year my wife and I (yes I'm happily remarried...15 years ago...catch up!) Anyway, my wife and I pray and see if God is giving us the grace to homeschool one more year.

It's never been a lifetime commitment. We decided before we ever started this journey that we'd take a year at a time. We didn't want to become legalistic about it. Some parents act like it's a biblical mandate that demands a conviction.

But enough about them. The deal is, my wife has reached her limit and needs a break. After all, it's mostly on her to school them since I'm at work all day. I only contribute with 1-2 subjects. Christine does most of the work and it's time for a change. We saw it coming.

Here's the hard part, if we do it now our daughters would both be going into public Middle School. Yikes...worst time to have them experience the world without us for 6 or more hours per day.

I've never been crazy about having some strangers (who may or may not have a Christian worldview) influence my children all day. I used to say it was ludicrous for parents to just follow society and enroll them....I think I actually used the word "stupid" at one point.

I know, forgive me. I can be so self-righteous sometimes.

Now I'm eating crow and I'm scared. What if they get sucked up into the wrong crowd? What if this messes up my sweet girls and they decide Christ isn't who they want to follow after all?

We have no guarantee our kids won't walk away from the Lord. 

After all, my two grown children from my previous marriage left the faith. They too, were dedicated as infants, received Christ later and were baptized.

For now, we're proceeding with caution--knowing our two youngest might experience bullies, hear profanity, see immodest clothing as a normal style, be confronted with gender fluidity, feel the yuck of sexualized comments by adolescent boys or even see drugs and violence.

Still, our plan this fall, is to enroll them into public school and allow them to experience the realities of this world...some of which can be good for them. Things like exposure to teachers who won't be so soft on them when they whine about homework. Or positive peer pressure to do some things that somehow, other kids can convince them to do but we parents can't.

That's a whole other blog post thank you very much.

On the bright side, we do live in a part of town where a lot of Christians tend to reside. My city is home to many Christian organizations. So a lot of staff live here with their families.

I'm trying to comfort myself hoping there are lots of good kids enrolled who love God and have become an influence to other students. Maybe this helps defer any persecution of conservative students.

If things go south, I can at least remember it's not a decision set in stone. We can pull them out and home school again.

I'm really gonna need the Holy Spirit's comfort for this one. I love my girls.
I just need to trust God with this. 

How about you? Have you ever gone through this? What was your experience?