Wednesday, November 30, 2016

He Doesn't Want Me in His Life

It's been almost 2 years since we talked.

Thanksgiving came and went with no phone call or text from my son. He's in his late 20s so I'm finding it hard to continue lying to myself that he is just busy and forgot or doesn't know any better.

The only conclusion I can make is that he doesn't give a flip about a relationship with me. Maybe he never has.

He says he loves me but his actions don't match up. Words are cheap. I don't think he really knows what love is. I'm simultaneously angry and hurt and sad.

If he would just humble himself and contact me, I could show him what true love is. I'd take him in my arms like the father of the prodigal son in the Bible....put a ring on his finger and robe on his back.

I don't care that he's living with his girlfriend or doing drugs. I don't care that he isn't following God. I just want him to be in relationship with me, with his sisters who don't understand why he ignores them. They wonder what they did to make him step out of their lives.

I'm praying God turns his heart toward mine and back toward God. Will you pray with me?