Sunday, June 5, 2016

It's Just a Gorilla

If you've seen the news this past week, by now you've heard about the Ohio zoo that had to kill an endangered gorilla. A boy fell into the exhibit and the gorilla grabbed him. forgive me, that's the short version. For all the details you can Google it. 

So anyway, people are outraged and want to punish the mother. Here's my thoughts, however unpopular they might be. 

It's just a gorilla, people. These are things we humans must do to subdue the Earth and rule over animals (Gen. 1:28). Regardless of how irresponsible you think some parent might be, in the end a child had to be saved. If he was the last gorilla on Earth, I'd probably still shoot it. Ok, I said it. 

Many of you already know, I have a Christian worldview which helps me gain a different perspective from those who don't understand the purpose animals were placed on this Earth. I'm not saying they were placed here solely to hunt and kill at our leisure. But we ARE supposed to value humans above animals. 

But here is the real question for you. If you are a single dad, you KNOW how hard it is to keep track of your kids. Sometimes they are just fast. I mean really fast. In a few short seconds they can run into a crowd, fall into the pool, hide in a clothes rack at the mall, you name it. 

This mom whose child got away from her needs grace. She doesn't need to be crucified. We have all been there. In John 8:7, when a woman was caught in adultry, Jesus said “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” (ESV)

Let's step into her shoes for a moment. Let's say it was YOU whose child slipped away and fell into the gorilla cage. How should we deal with you after you have recovered from the panic, the fear of watching helplessly as your kid is dragged through a moat by his leg? 

After several minutes of crying out to your child, trying to calm him/her, while inside you are falling about and want to scream in should we treat you?

You child is saved--thanks to zoo officials who value your kid more than their animals. Your child is safe in your arms again. Now we want to take your children away from you and charge you for a crime. We want to call you an irresponsible single dad, a disgrace to all parents. What would you do?  How would you feel? 

Is it fair? Is it right? 

All opinions aside (Christians, Tree huggers, Atheists, whatever you are) is this the way to go, legally? Would this accusation hold up in court? Should it? Single dads I want to hear your take on this, from your perspective.