Monday, March 14, 2016

Prayer for single dad

Please pray for Juan*. And pray for me as I respond to him. His request is below: 

Hi Tez I've wanted to touch base with you about something. I'm the dad from Fort Wayne who call-in several months back, during your radio interview. I’m the one going through a (second) divorce. BTW - thanks for the book; it was great!! 

My question is this: I'm really, really struggling with loneliness right now (I referred to it as "profound" to someone not too long ago). I don't get out much, especially since I have the primary care of the kids. My two best friends are not as accessible as they used to be, by no fault of their own; it's just the way life has taken us. I do not connect with my "co-workers" and I'm kind of the new guy at a young church plant, so connection there is slow. Truth is, I'm kind of particular with whom I connect. I've never been much of a "shallow/surface" type person. It's not that I don't get along with people; I can do fine in a crowd. But I do not lightly call anyone "friend.” I only have two close friends. 

So lately, I find I'm either with the kids, or by myself. I often go to one of the local coffee shops, just to be with other adults there. Still, I'm by myself. I'm not real good at asking for help, and I seriously don't even know what to ask for in this situation. But I'm hurting... bad, and I'm afraid I'm at risk of doing something unwise. What can I do? I’d love some advice.   

*(name changed)