Saturday, March 26, 2016


Is this depression Im feeling today? I don't know.

As I read the things my oldest daughter shares on Facebook from week to week, it becomes so clear she is choosing not to embrace the spiritual inheritance that is hers. Im sad for her and for how she is pushing me away. Pray for us. I love her and desire an intimate relationship with her. Wow, this is how God feels when I ignore him.

My heart is broken today.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Prayer for single dad

Please pray for Juan*. And pray for me as I respond to him. His request is below: 

Hi Tez I've wanted to touch base with you about something. I'm the dad from Fort Wayne who call-in several months back, during your radio interview. I’m the one going through a (second) divorce. BTW - thanks for the book; it was great!! 

My question is this: I'm really, really struggling with loneliness right now (I referred to it as "profound" to someone not too long ago). I don't get out much, especially since I have the primary care of the kids. My two best friends are not as accessible as they used to be, by no fault of their own; it's just the way life has taken us. I do not connect with my "co-workers" and I'm kind of the new guy at a young church plant, so connection there is slow. Truth is, I'm kind of particular with whom I connect. I've never been much of a "shallow/surface" type person. It's not that I don't get along with people; I can do fine in a crowd. But I do not lightly call anyone "friend.” I only have two close friends. 

So lately, I find I'm either with the kids, or by myself. I often go to one of the local coffee shops, just to be with other adults there. Still, I'm by myself. I'm not real good at asking for help, and I seriously don't even know what to ask for in this situation. But I'm hurting... bad, and I'm afraid I'm at risk of doing something unwise. What can I do? I’d love some advice.   

*(name changed)