Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tips for When your Kids do Household Chores

It’s very important for children to help out with small chores around the house. Kids will grow into responsible, caring and considerate people in society. If you have children, you have probably experienced them resisting simple house chores. Every kid should feel appreciated and playing a role in helping around the house can achieve that goal. Here are some tips on encouraging your children to help out.
  •  Always Show Appreciation

It always feels good when people appreciate our good work. This is the same goes with kids. Never take anything a child does for granted. Kids love it when their parents show appreciation for small jobs done at home. Appreciating what your child does helps produce confidence. They will be more willing to chip in next time without being told. Further, appreciating what your kid does models them to appreciate and show gratitude in life.
  •  Always Encourage Them

Encouraging your child whenever they mess up is probably the most important tip. Kids will always make mistakes as they learn. Don't sweat the small stuff, bite your tongue and encourage them. Children learn by making mistakes, always be understanding as they navigate the learning curve. Criticizing children lowers their morale and makes them shy away from duties. Don’t grumble about the mess, teach your child and let them try things over and over again.
  • Be specific 

In most cases, children have a hard time cooperating with you when asked to help out. Instead of telling your child to clean the house, be more precise about the kind of job you want them to do. Instead of asking them to help you with the laundry, ask them to take ten minutes each to help you with the laundry. Being more specific makes the child set their mind to the particular task to be done. Allocate the child tasks that are less time consuming as they slowly learn to help out.
  • Take Time to Train

Kids need to learn how to do simple things in the house like cracking an egg. It is important to give quick and fun tutorials to your child. Children don’t know how to perform simple tasks like sweeping or washing dishes. Engage them in these tasks as you explain to them how to handle them with ease. Teach them how to wash the different utensils. Assign them few tasks after the tutorials and encourage them as they perform them. Most children use the lack of skills as a reason for not helping out. Sneaky devils.
  • Conclusion

Our children make our family complete and it is important to make them help out with small house chores. They must be made to feel wanted and contributing to the well-being of the family.