Thursday, August 28, 2014

Guest post by Kelvin Lott

Four Words That Can Change Everything

I was standing at the altar with my son, Nathan. Along with everyone else we were awaiting the entrance of his bride and soon to be wife Whitney. As one of the officiating ministers, I realized that this wedding was going to be different--I was taking part in my son’s wedding. A million thoughts flooded my mind. Did I do a good job of raising him? Did I demonstrate what a Godly husband is? Did I teach him by example how to be a spiritual covering for his wife? Did I demonstrate what it means to be a man?

As the time came in the ceremony when I would make a few spontaneous remarks to the couple, I remembered a conversation that I had with Nathan a few years before. From out of the blue, he said, “Dad, I’m proud of you.” It was amazing what hearing those four words did for me. So when the time came, I looked at Nathan, with tears in my eyes, and said, “Son, I am proud of you.” I think at that moment every person in the wedding party, and many in the audience choked up. It was a very emotional moment. After the ceremony, a groomsmen said to me, “I wish I could hear those words from my Dad.” Others told me those four words are what every child desires to hear from their parents.

I'm amazed at the number of people who have never heard those words spoken to them, over them and into them. I think that those words are second only to, “I love you,” for your emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Try it. Speak these simple words into someone in your life. You may see their countenance change and a smile cross their face. Who knows, it may totally change the destiny and direction of their lives.

        What’s your story? Do you remember how you felt when someone told you that they were proud of you? Are their family, friends, co-workers, etc. that need to hear these words from you? Respond below.

         (Kelvin was a single father who remarried and became part of a blended family. He pastors a church in Rochester, Michigan. Please check out his blog site at