Friday, May 23, 2014

R U Praying 4 Your Kids?

Whether you have an antagonistic relationship with your children’s mother or it’s wonderful, there will be times when buttons are pushed and fires are lit that seem to dredge up all the godlessness inside you both. If you can’t find it in you to pray for your ex, at least pray for your child.

One of the greatest, most efficient things we can do to help our child recover from a broken family is to pray for them. Yet so often we fail to stop and do this. One thing I struggled with was praying specifically. So when I intercede, I make a point of praying for certain things, not general blanket requests.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the Lord move in their lives as a result of prayer. So what should we pray for? Where do we start? How specific are we to pray? I’m hoping some of these specifics will help you.

·               Pray your child would listen to God’s voice and know his will for his or her life.

·               Pray your child develops discernment and wisdom to choose godly friends and steer clear from those who might harm or deceive him.

·               Pray your child would stay faithful to Christ until the end, love God’s Word, and love the church.

·               Ask the Lord to help your child stay sexually pure until marriage.

·               Pray for your child’s physical and emotional health during this difficult season of life.

·               Pray your child would be released from any feelings that he or she caused the divorce.

·               Ask for God’s favor to be poured over your child and to assign angels to protect him or her.

·               Pray for your child academically and socially.

·               Pray your child will honor and obey his mother, being a blessing to her.

The power of a father’s prayers is unbelievable. Prayer can be your child’s lifeline. Know your child. How can you pray if you have no idea what’s going on in his or her life? Talking to your children about their feelings can reveal much about how to best pray for your son or daughter. What issues cause you to fall to your knees?