Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Poem

by Tez Brooks

Today my son carried his grandpa’s casket
Sliding it into the hearse, he stands there
Blankly staring.
I watch him.
What’s he thinking?
Does he realize he never really knew this man?
Is he contemplating life after death?
His own soul’s condition?
What a fine man my son has become.
But what a sad duty today
To bury a man he never knew

Who fault is it, the lack of relationship?
Only three hours apart but neither man initiated.
A missed opportunity.

Yet he is here today
Loving me enough to come.
To be with me during this hard day.
His presence endears me to him.
I’m thankful for my son.
Showing his support and love
At inconvenient times.

I watch my handsome son
Dressed in black
Silently staring from the back of the crowd
Proud of him
I want to touch him, hold him
Never let go.
Life is short
And I’m next in line
God help me
To make the most of what’s left

One day maybe his son will carry me
I want to have known him
It starts today
In this cemetery
A mound of dirt at our feet
I place my arm around my son
No missed opportunities
Not for us.

I love you Son.