Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I think I'm lost!

Her name was Babette—Babs for short. She was my first Global Positioning System (GPS), and I loved the way she made my life so easy.
After a few years, however, I noticed I couldn’t always trust her.  One day while I was driving, Babs broke beyond repair. Our relationship was over and I felt, lost.
I grabbed an old map from under my car seat, pulled off the road, and navigated to my destination. This method wasn't as convenient as Babs, but I made it with the help of a good road map.
In a similar manner, my unexpected journey as a single parent also found me lost. I was at a crossroads in my life, and I needed to make a decision. Just a few weeks after my wife and I separated, I realized I had to stop and regroup. I could continue wallowing in my self-pity, eating cups of noodles, and renting movies every night. Or I could man-up, learn how to cook, and spend quality time with my children as often as possible.
I often encounter men who are in various places on the single-dad journey like I was, without a map. They drift from one roadside attraction to another without direction, letting life’s highway take them and their children wherever it wants.
Don't get me wrong—at times I too drifted. I still do sometimes. However, men don’t always have a chance to direct the route life takes them, especially in divorce or the death of a spouse. Despite this, we can still redirect our path and, if need be, pull into a rest area in order to reestablish a game plan. Although outside influences may detour me at times, I never want to embrace a fatalistic attitude about parenting the little ones God entrusted to my care.
So let me ask you right now...why are you reading this blog? What are some of the ways you feel lost when parenting? Tell us about them.
Do you consider yourself a Christ follower? Why or why not?